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Looking for something to do on a sunny day in Seychelles? Why not get some friends together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. A great day’s fun can be had visiting the Port Glaud Waterfall, which offers visitors magnificent scenery and a great place to swim. It is not really a hike either, as it is only a short and comfortable walk to the base of the main waterfall, and therefore does not require an athlete’s level of fitness to enjoy its cool waters.

However if you are in the mood to explore, and don’t mind getting a bit sweaty, then a hike to the top of the waterfall is a very rewarding experience. It is not an easy trip as there is no well defined path, but with a little determination and a healthy dose of bush-wacking you can get to the clearing at the top within 10 minutes. Once at the top of the falls, you will be rewarded with a stunning view down, as well as the opportunity to continue your hike and follow the river as it winds through palm groves and granite boulders, with many smaller waterfalls along its path. If a hike is what you are after, you can follow the river as far as you like, towards its source. On your return you will have the opportunity to cool off in the pool of the main falls as your reward.

Directions for getting there:  

  If using the bus, travel as far as the Port Glaud church and  get off at the open lot across the street. From there – driving or walking – you take a right at the church, and follow the road up along the mangroves on your left. You will arrive at a cluster of houses and continue go through the neighbourhood, keeping left when the road forks. You will eventually get as far a car can travel (dirt parking lot on the left, dont take the VERY steep right turn), and you will see the path leading off towards the waterfall on the left. From there it is a short five minute walk. If you would like to continue on to the top of the falls, then the path can be found on the left hand side of the water fall (It has been said if you take that very steep right turn you can get to the top of the waterfall by road, I can’t verify this, so try so at your own risk)…

{ This article, by Niki Gower, was originally published (in part) in the TODAY in Seychelles Newspaper on the 11.07.2013 (www.today.sc), and also appears on the travel blog www.newworldnomad.blogspot.com. All photos copyright www.nikigowerphoto.com    email: niki@silverspoonmedia.biz }

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