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By Niki Gower

Fine dining in a classic setting

The restaurant at La Plaine St. André is housed in the main building of a heritage site that was originally established as a planter’s homestead over 200 years ago. An opportunity to dine amidst this pristinely preserved piece of living history is an honour in itself, even before you have even put the first bite of La Plaine St. Andre’s delicious cuisine to your lips.

The Trois Freres Distillery – the source of Takamaka Bay branded rum and vodkas – is also housed on the property. This blending of fine locally influenced cuisine and award winning spirits, which is set amidst the lush gardens and seeped in national history, makes for a unique and novel experience.

The restaurant and bar are set in the beautifully preserved original plantation house, sprawling out onto the encompassing veranda and into the beautiful garden. Stepping inside is like stepping back in time; diners are afforded the opportunity to relax and unwind in a living museum that is breathtaking in its aesthetics and atmosphere. Whether you prefer a veranda for a sit down meal,

sipping a rum on the comfy leather sofa’s as you share a moment with a friend, or enjoying sitting beneath the swaying leaves of an ancient tree in the courtyard, you are sure to find a spot that feels like it was made specifically for you!

The food is a fusion of local and fine dining cuisine, which sees a welcome degree of refinement to a menu heavily influenced by the traditional Creole favourites – a formula that compliments the setting perfectly!

Suggested Menu: What we had

La Plaine St. Andre’s sushi platter 
STARTERS: If you are visiting the restaurant on the first Friday of the month, you will be visiting on “Sushi Night.” The Sushi platter is served with a delicious mushroom soup starter and a complimentary Saki taster. If sharing for two, the Sushi platter makes for a great starter. If you are not partial to Sushi, though, or visiting any other night, the Tempura Prawns are a delicious and light option. Another tasty starter to whet the appetite is the Tuna Tartar – a tender diced tuna loin served with a zesty flavouring.

COCKTAILS: The Beached Mojito is a winner.  This tropical twist on the traditional Mojito will leave you thirsty for more.

MAINS: the Octopus Coconut Curry is a refreshing rendition of this Creole favourite, and the fine-dining twist to the flavour will not disappoint. My partner had the Roast Vegetable and Octopus Salad, of which I had a taste and can attest that it is tasty and fresh option for anyone in the mood for a salad or something light as a main dish.

DESSERT: After all the above, neither of us were up to dessert, as much as we wished we were. The Banana and Ginger Crumble Tart and the Chocolate Fondant are two of the many reasons we will be back at La Plaine St. André again soon; their presentation and look is so good that we had to try them.

ENTERTAINMENT: This article would not be complete without mentioning the musical entertainment that added an extra special touch. The three piece roving band completed the magical atmosphere with their soulful melodies of guitar, drum and saxophone.

NIGHT CAP: No visit to the home of Takamaka Bay will be complete without taking up the restaurants offer of a rum tasting. For a very reasonable fee, you will be taken through the full range of their rum and vodka products, guided by one of the very knowledgeable bartenders. I recommend the rum tasting, as only by trying each one will you fine tune the distinction between them and find the Takamaka Bay product which is perfect for you.

La Plaine St, André is a great night out, whether you are treating that special someone to a romantic meal or just looking for a great place to unwind and have a drink (Happy hours are every Friday between 17:30 and 22:30). The restaurant offers something special to visitors and nowhere else can you enjoy great food, fine drink and a truly Seychelles’ experience – both past and present  – all in one unique package.

{ This article, by Niki Gower, was originally published (in part) in the TODAY in Seychelles Newspaper on the 14.12.2012 (www.today.sc), and also appears on the travel blog www.seychellesliving.com. All photos copyright www.nikigowerphoto.com    email: niki@silverspoonmedia.biz }

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